domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

A World of Biographies - BioFan

What is, Why now, How can?

  • What is A world of Biographies, BioFan?

A world of Biograhies is an internet corner for Bio Fans. It is intended for everybody who likes Biographies and Life Histories. It is not thought just for reading but also for:

  • telling
  • writing
  • teaching
  • etc,
      ...  using  biographies and Life Histories.

It is really amazing what can be told in a just a biography.
Things are not over when you know details about the life of a famous person!

  • Why now A World of Biographies, BioFan? The idea for this blog is to help   people around the world to find different materials related to Biographies.

If I am not wrong, I read my first biography when I was around 12 years old. I can remember it well, even now when so many years have passed. It was about Catalina de Erauso, a woman ahead her times, as many others. She was born in 1592 in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa, Spain) and died in 1650 in Cuitlaxtla (Mexico).
Her story attracted my attention from the beginning and it took me to other moments in history, to other way to understand life very far away from mine and my times. In a nutshell it took me to others worlds.
Time passed and I continued reading biograhies, I studied English Philology and went for a PhD. Now I am finishing my Thesis on Biography.
During the time I have been working on biography, I realised that in the Internet was hard to find a place with all the material I needed. Well, to find a summary about the life of celebrities, writers, etc was more or less easy, but I needed other materials.
This blog starts from that need that I think it does not affect just me, but much more people around the world.

  •  How can this blog help me?

Good question. It is my intention to share in the blog the information I have compiled during all these years working on biographies. Initially, you will find:
- criticism about books I am reading;
- hints to learn about writing biographies (it is not so complicated, if you know how)
- resources to investigate about different aspects of this genre;
- bibliographies;
- material to teach literature and history using biographies;

.... and there are much more coming.

Do you need / want to read about some issue in particular?   Just tell me!

P.S.- The blog was originally created in Spanish, but I have decided to go for a new challenge and launch it also in English. Please have in mind that English it is not my mother-tongue language, so please if you see anything wrong in English, tell me to fix it.